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The great Matrix trilogy has come to an end with this installment, Matrix Revolutions. The "great" part is subjective - you're free to your own opinions. I know a great many people hated the second and third shows.

I, for one, liked them all. I wasn't entirely sure about Reloaded - I needed to watch it a few more times just to be sure. But yes, I did like it. And I liked Revolutions even more.

Just about everyone I know that didn't like the second and third one complain about plotlines, or sex scenes, or theology, or whatever. I go to movies for different reasons than those folks - I go to be immersed in fantasy and non-logic. I don't go to make sure the plotline is true or realistic. I don't go to verify that the science involved is accurate. And I sure the hell don't go to movies to enrich my spiritual awareness. Cripes, that's what work is for (well, except for that spiritual part)!

Movies are stories - many of them are made-up stories, and some of those are totally off the "deep end," so to speak. The Matrix trilogy is one of those - it requires you to just give up on reality, and go along for the ride.

As for the actual movie, I think the subway scene could have easily been chopped in half timewise and I would have been happier. I thought they did an absolutely wonderful job weaving the Oracle into the story (the new Oracle, that is). Some nice twists and smooth transitions there.

And then there's the action and special effects. Sweet lord, after the battle in the dome, the theater seat I sat in will never be the same. I think my guts actually turned inside out when they took the ship down into the mechanical tunnel. And "Neo sucks" activists be damned - you have to admit it was friggin' cool when he did the "Jedi hand trick" and all the sentinels exploded in an expanding wave of fire. Great, now I'll have the Star Wars geeks on my case as well. ;)

All in all, if you're going to see a masterpiece, stay home. If you're craving a terribly deep plot or a drippy chick-flick, go somewhere else. If you want to see Neo kick some ass, you've come to the right place.

And to wrap it up, I thought the battle inside the dome was much better than the battle with Agent Smiths. Plural.

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