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06-30-2003: Holy gods, it's been a long time since the last yak. Sorry, I just haven't taken the time to jot down any crap that no one reads anyay. ;)

So, I went to the truck stop for lunch today. I usually go there at least once a week - it's the sort of truck stop that has feisty waitresses and food that's horrible for you. But oh damn, is it good.

So, I get halfway to a booth and one of the waitresses asks if it'll be a Mountain Dew. "Yes ma'am" I reply, thinking that they know me a little bit too well here. Oh well.

Approximately six seconds later, there's a Mountain Dew and a menu in front of me. Have I mentioned that the service typically rocks? I start flipping through it, looking for something new to try as I do every now and again. Hey, I do like a little variety. Approximately 23 seconds after the Dew arrived, the waitress is back asking what I'm going to have today. I replied "I don't know yet."

And then the world stopped.

I guess I must usually know what I want beforehand when I go there, because my not having decided rocked her world. "You don't know yet?" she asked, completely amazed. I said no, and she wandered off. "He doesn't know what he wants today!" I heard her exclaim to the other waitress.

I never realized I was so predictable, I guess - in fact, I have tried a great many different items from their menu. I was chuckling by now, listening to the two waitresses talking about how I hadn't decided yet, and that I wasn't going with The Usual. Hmmm, I didn't even realize that I had A Usual. These two ladies know me a bit too well.

Thinking I might as well add a little fuel to the waitress-fire, I decided to order a cajun burger. I've never ordered one before, and I was pretty confident that they already knew each and every order I'd ever gotten, so that outta shake them up a bit.

"Decide yet?" she asked, once again magically appearing boothside. "I'm going to try the cajun burger," I replied. "The cajun burger?!" she gasped. "He's getting a cajun burger!" she hollered at her partner-in-crime. "A cajun burger?!?" said partner hollered back, across the entire length of the resturant. I can't be sure, but I thought I heard the short order cook say "A cajun burger?" in the kitchen. I was snickering pretty good by now, as the waitresses went back and forth in disbelief.

You know, they went back and forth for another five minutes, giving me a hard time and shaking their heads in semi-mock disbelief. They knew something I didn't - I had A Usual. And that's just another reason I keep going back.

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